This story began in Marathon, Florida, circa 2005. Mike and Ben met while attending a SCUBA instructor course. Ben, from England, and Mike, from New York, lived right across the pond from one another. Forced together as roommates, Mike Bove, Creator of Reef TalesBen and Mike would pass the time diving, studying, and watching countless hours of television. Both were amazed at how ridiculous and mindless most of the programs on children’s television were. They felt there had to be someone out there capable of putting together a television program that was both entertaining and educational.Ben Partleton, Creator of Reef Tales A show that parents and children were eager to watch together. Not one of those shows that parents cringe at, only to sit their children down in front of the television, while they finish up house work. Mike and Ben set out to create a children’s television program that would bring children, siblings, friends, and parents together. They wanted to produce a show high in entertainment AND educational value. In 2007, they came up with the concept of Reef Tales. Reef Tales combines live-action with animation, intertwining two storylines within each half-hour episode. Each educational episode teaches children a variety of topics, including: problem solving, spelling, sign language, matching, geography, culture, conservation, basic marine science, music, rhythm, and beats….to name a few!
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