Family Affair (Symbiosis)

Demetrius is looking to retire, so he’s teaching Nico, his son, the ropes. Bored with retirement, Demetrius can’t bear to stay away for long. (PILOT EPISODE)

Sea Strike

Unhappy with the aquarium’s bright idea to change its food vendor, the animals go on strike.

Trouble at the Gates

The Mr. Pinniped forgets to lock the gate at the end of the night and the aquarium is surprised with unwanted guests.

Oc-too Close for Comfort

Demetrius uses his ability to leave his tank to befriend Jermaine, Celia, and Pinnie. He winds up becoming more like an unwelcome house guest.

Talent Show

Tired of less attention from the visitors, the mammals decide to put on a talent show.

Behind the Sea-ns

Show dedicated to covering exactly what it takes to make the animals “ready for the subterranean stage” each day.

Wrong Side of the Reef

Some of the characters decide to go exploring, only to find themselves in “rough water.”

Sea Lyin’

Wanting to play hooky, Celia enlists her cousin (the sea lion), who bears a striking resemblance, to work in her place. She fails to fool both the others and the visitors.

The French (Angelfish) Connection

Enamored with a group of European tourists visiting the aquarium, Henri reminisces about his days as a fry in the south of France. Motivated, Henri tries to start a bistro in a happening corner of the aquarium.

Too Close for Chumfert

At his 8th birthday party, Marino injures his throwing fin, just like Duke did. Duke’s overprotection becomes a little too overbearing on his pup.

Seagmund Freud (A Trip to the Seachiatrist)

With a little provocation, Henri is able to recall being taken from a reef in the Keys to an aquarium, only to be tossed back in the ocean. While disconcerting, he is too proud a Frenchman to accept these memories as the truth.
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